Christine's Awesome Friday - VALENTINE BASKET - 2/3/2012

Christine's Awesome Friday
Valentine Basket

Supplies Needed
6x6 of solid paper
patterned paper
score tape or tacky tape
score pad
image "Luv Bear" from Robyn's Fetish

Template for Basket

Step 1
Cut your solid piece of paper 6x6.   Score your paper at 2" and 4".  Then turn your paper and score at 2" and 4" again.  Then fold all score lines.

Step 2
Cut the lines on your square.  Refer to the template cut lines are red.

Step 3
Cut 5 pieces of patterned paper 1 3/4 x 1 3/4.  Then cut one of them in half.

Step 4
Put patterned paper on the front of paper.

Step 5
Put tape on the back of paper again refer to template.  Then put your basket together.

Step 6
For your handle cut a solid piece of paper 3/4" x 7".  Cut patterned paper 1/2" x 6 3/4".
Attach your handle with tape or brads which ever you prefer.

Now the fun begins.  Decorate you basket any way that you please.  I hope you liked this Fridays tutorial.  Please come back next week I will be doing a coloring tutorial using colored pencils.
This has been  Christine's Awesome Friday Tutorial.


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Laurence said...

gorgeous!!!! There are no other word. really like your Friday's idea. Thanks a lot.

Laurence x